5 Common Traits of Ethical Hacking

About ethical hacking

Firstly we have to know what Ethical hacking is. Before that we have to know how many types of hacking exist. Hacking has the main three parts. First is black hat hacking. They first hack your Facebook account or website and steal your documents. After that he starts blackmailing for taking money whose data has been hacked. Second is gray hat hackers, they just test their hacking skills. They also did not take permission from you like blackhat hackers. But they did not blackmail you or stole your personal documents. Third is white hat hacking. 

This hacking is also known as ethical hacking. This hacking is legal. They take permission from you after that they enter your account or website. They will tell you which point is your week and from where the black hat hackers enter your website. They are also rewarded by a good cost. Google will also announce that if any ethical hacker hack google he is rewarded by a big cost in crores. It also has a big scope in the future and now students also take interest in Ethical hacking. Agencies like Mossad also do ethical hacking. If some of you say it comes in black hat hacking or grey hat hacking. That’s not true because all the country’s Defence agencies have the right to hack terrorist devices. It is legal.  

5 common traits of white hat hacking or ethical hacking. 

Stage 1. Reconnaissance : 

It is the process of obtaining the target information about his location, activities, resources etc. it is also known as foot printing. There are two types of  reconnaissance first is active reconnaissance. In this, hackers directly get information from the target. Second is passive reconnaissance. This hacker obtains information from another resource or third person. 

Stage 2. Scanning :

Attackers or hackers first step is Footprinting But they do not get all the details about the target device. So, hackers do scanning to get more information or detail about the victim.  Hackers scan many things like Operating system Detail. If he is using any vendor like window server 2003 , 2008 or else.

  Before scanning, a hacker has to confirm that he knows all things about the vendor(running window or else like this) and operating system. In scanning, Hackers also scan Running services, loopholes( port or a wall which protects your device from hacking ) etc. Scanning is an important tool for both hacker and victim. Hacker scans for hacking and victims scan for solving the problem of vendors or loopholes.

5 Common Traits of Ethical Hacking
5 Common Traits of Ethical Hacking

Stage 3. Gaining access :

This attacker uses many tools and methods to gain access and enter a system. The hacker wants to go into the system when the user downloads any application if you download the application and you access the hacker’s application with it. Hackers steal sensitive information and get unauthorized access. 

Stage 4. Maintaining access : 

After taking access if for any reason access is denied we have to go again for that we maintain access by uploading any shell or even generate our own vulnerability to come back into the system. You also say that the hacker will make a secondary account for coming back. 

Stage 5. Clearing tracks :

Its meaning is to clear records. Because any hacker did not want that any other hacker caught him. It is also very shameful for hackers. So, they clear all the clues. Hackers also have the option to delete important files. But they did not do it. They only do their work and follow the instructions which were given to him. What they do is given below step by step. 

Firstly they clear all cookies policy and cache. Then they modify registry values. After that they modify, corrupting and delete all value logs. Then they clear all sent emails and then they close the ports which were open for hacking and they uninstall all applications which were used by hackers. 

Importance of ethical hacking 

Importance of ethical hacking
Importance of ethical hacking

As I wrote in starting, all defence agencies will do ethical hacking. Mossad is the best defence agency because they have the best ethical hackers. The hacker will work for the nation and tell the location of terrorists. Even they tell where terrorists plan to blast or attack. Some nations like China will do wrong with ethical hacking. They hack other country’s national banks and other commercial stations for economic damage. That is illegal and wrong. These hackers also do not come in ethical hackers.


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